Launch a Campaign

Fund your big idea.

You see an opportunity on the horizon – you have a big idea and you need the resources to make it happen.

  • Maybe you have an inspiring special project that would make a huge difference for achieving your mission.
  • Or maybe you just completed a new strategic plan, and now it’s time to develop fundraising strategies that will bring your plan to life.
  • Or maybe your organization has an anniversary coming up, and you want to leverage that milestone to strengthen your organization for the long haul.
  • Or maybe your organization is feeling the financial pinch and you need a “turnaround plan,” a long-term vision that will energize your staff, donors and community.

A special campaign can be large or small – what matters most is that it captures your best ideas, shapes those ideas into a vision that inspires your community, and charts your course towards financial and mission success.

If you’re interested in launching a special campaign, Theron Shaw Fundraising can help you to:

  • Evaluate your readiness for a special campaign
  • Create a powerful and inspiring campaign story
  • Develop a campaign plan that is right-sized for your team
  • Keep your campaign activities on track and reach your goals

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