Strategic Fundraising Plan Helps Land Trust Grow Annual Income

VMILT logo fullcolor LrgVashon Maury Island Land Trust created a strategic development plan that grew their annual contributions and helped focus staff energy on the activities with greatest return.


The Vashon Maury Island Land Trust had been through two years of budget deficits. They needed a way to weather the storm of an economic recession and come out the other side as a stronger organization. The Board and staff sought out fundraising counsel to design and implement a strategy for growing the Land Trust’s major gifts program.


TSF conducted a development audit and created a strategic development plan that took advantage of several key opportunities for growth. Theron worked with the Land Trust leadership to:

  • Redesign the membership program, helping to drive new membership and creating opportunities for membership upgrades
  • Create a major donor society to help steward and grow relationships with their most generous supporters
  • Replace a time-intensive, low-yield fundraising event with the Land Trust’s first major donor house parties, raising over $35,000 from two parties, and
  • Launch a planned giving program, identifying over $250,000 in legacy pledges in just a few weeks.

Through its new membership structure, major donor society, house parties and legacy gift program, the Land Trust gained the tools it needed to steadily grow its annual contributions over the coming years.

“Theron took the time to carefully understand our organization, and made recommendations that were realistic and produced results. His ongoing coaching was an invaluable part of the implementation process.”