Designing a Strategic Plan for Maximum Impact

tlc_logo_iconTrichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) conducted a ten-month strategic planning process, identifying four core strategies for creating maximum impact with its limited resources.


There are an estimated 5 million people living with hair pulling (trichotillomania) and skin picking (dermotillimania) disorders across the United States. Working with Theron Shaw Fundraising, TLC’s staff and Board set out to identify the ways they could have the greatest short-term and long-term impact towards reducing the suffering caused by these disorders.


Over the course of two day-long retreats and a series of virtual work sessions, TLC leadership determined the guiding principles and core strategies for their work over the next three years. Theron used visual facilitation tools that kept the group energized and engaged, while distilling group knowledge into leading strategies with sound financial projections. At key decision points in the process, Theron brought tools to help the team clarify its shared wisdom and select a path forward. At the end of its process, TLC had a compelling vision for its next three years, and a Board who was deeply engaged in helping to advance the organization’s core strategies.

“Theron helped us to design a creative and engaging planning process that combined big vision with sound financial planning.”